Telos Network.
Visionary leaders, builders and an engaged community, unified by blockchain.


What is Telos?


Telos is a networked ecosystem enabling visionary leaders and communities to work together to build a new global economy.


What can you do with Telos?


Build autonomous corporations

Visionary leaders are building network driven entities that are socially and incentive aligned creating powerful network effects.


Move digital assets instantly

Sick of waiting 3 days to do anything?Imagine receiving value as quickly as it is created. On Telos value can be moved in 0.5 seconds.


Access a truly global economy

Digital currencies and assets created on Telos move without intermediaries such as banks. The network is accessible to the billions of unbanked world wide.


The TLOS Token

TLOS is the fuel of the Telos Network. It can be utilized to stake for or rent application resources.

TLOS is the native crypto currency of the Telos Network

TLOS is the native crypto currency of the Telos Network


Access the future now with the SQRL desktop wallet

SQRL is the official wallet of the Telos network and currently the easiest and best way to create an account and dive in.

Download SQRL and join the Telos Network!

Download SQRL and join the Telos Network!


Features Overview

Telos powers the digital economy of the future


Trail - Voting as a Service

Trail (VaaS) currently enables developers to build game changing autonomously governed digital corporations at scale. Upcoming user interfaces will enable non developers to build these corporations at will.


Work Proposals

Telos features an amazing work system which power Telos network and the economies that sit on top. Telos is constantly being improved by core developers as well as swarms of professional freelancers of all skill sets.


Dispute Resolution

The Telos dispute resolution system is an optional function for platforms built on Telos. It can be used to enforce Telos Human Readable contracts and enable key recovery.