The Telos Foundation is an independent entity operating on behalf of the Telos Network.


Helping to power the economy of the future, Telos

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What is Telos?


Telos is a networked ecosystem enabling visionary leaders and communities to work together to build a new global economy.


Access the future now with the SQRL desktop wallet

SQRL is the official wallet of the Telos network and currently the easiest and best way to create an account and dive in.

Download SQRL and join the Telos Network!

Download SQRL and join the Telos Network!

Buy or Trade the network utility coin: TLOS

TLOS is the networks native digital asset required for voting the future direction of the network and staking or leasing to developers for computation and throughput.

TLOS can be purchased via Carbon and/or traded on a number of exchanges globally


Build Telos and earn TLOS

Help build, market and operate the Telos Network in return for TLOS.

Open to all. Voted by all.


Supercharge your Startup

The foundation’s grant program assists Telos based applications in startup mode.

Apply now!


Let’s talk Telos

Get in touch with the Telos foundation