We all have a role to play on Telos


Buy TLOS and help decentralize ownership of the network’s utility and governance

Vote to secure Telos
by voting your tokens for the governors(Block Producers) of the Telos Network. Vote up to 30 BPs, the more BPs you vote the more powerful your vote is!

Vote for arbitrators of the network, they handle dispute resolution.

Loan your tokens to the builders of the network using the Telos Resource Exchange (T-REX) and earn.

Earn Tokens by building on Telos. Create a Telos Work Proposal or become a part of one or many autonomous corporations of the future.

Become an arbitrator and resolve disputes on the network

Be an influencer
, tell the World about Telos



TREX stands for Telos Resource Exchange

TREX stands for Telos Resource Exchange

Secure the network and support developers
1. Vote BP’s,
2. Stake to Resource Exchange (T-REX)
3. EARN ~30% Rewards